Lending Compliance Tools

Bank Compliance Resources for Lending Regulations

Lending and Lending Operations make up a significant portion of your financial institution's portfolio of business. Here you will find tools and resources to guide you through lending compliance regulations and their requirements, as well as safety and soundness best practices. Lending compliance resources and tools, when combined with expert guidance from C/A's staff, provide a strong foundation for departmental awareness and practices. Downloading and implementing these unlimited access resources will aid banks of any size in keeping ahead of lending regulation changes.

Last Updated Tool Name
06/28/2021 Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Treatment of Cryptoasset Consultative Document Summary
03/20/2020 COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Offer Letter
09/08/2021 FDIC Proposes Rule to Amend Guidelines for Real Estate Lending Standards
06/23/2021 FinCEN Advisory on Convertible Virtual Currency Summary
04/06/2021 FinCEN Notice of Efforts Relating to Trade in Antiquities and Art Summary
11/14/2020 Stress Test Policy
04/23/2021 Summary of Statement of Policy Regarding Prohibition on Abusive Acts or Practices; Rescission
01/01/2015 2013 Interagency Q & A Regarding Community Development Summary
11/16/2017 2017 TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Rule Summary
10/09/2018 2018 Beneficial Ownership Permanent Exception Summary
02/28/2018 2018 GMI Data Collection Sheet - HMDA Appendix A
02/28/2019 2018 HMDA Data Collection Worksheet
12/19/2017 2018 HMDA Data Collection Worksheet for Business Purpose Loans
12/19/2017 2018 HMDA Data Collection Worksheet for Non-Natural Person Business Loans
06/26/2017 2018 HMDA Poster
10/24/2017 2018 HMDA Written Notice
11/03/2017 2018 Holiday Closing Signs
06/20/2019 2019 HMDA Proposed Rules Summary
11/07/2018 2019 Holiday Closing Signs
08/06/2020 2020 Amendments to the Payday Lending Rule
07/09/2020 2020 HMDA Flowchart
10/29/2019 2020 Holiday Closing Signs
01/07/2021 2021 HMDA Flowchart
12/07/2020 2021 Holiday Closing Signs
07/26/2017 30 Day Account Closure Letter

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