Business Continuity / Pandemic

This financial institution compliance toolkit encompasses a variety of compliance tools a bank would need for a clear and well-considered strategy for disasters and recovery.

Last Updated Tool Name
03/20/2020 COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Offer Letter
01/01/2015 Business Continuity Plan Policy
01/01/2015 Business Impact Analysis
03/30/2020 COVID-19 CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Summary
03/26/2020 COVID-19 Customer Prescreening Questionnaire
03/26/2020 COVID-19 Employee Prescreening Questionnaire
03/24/2020 COVID-19 Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker Credential Letter
03/30/2020 COVID-19 FinCEN Guidance Summary
03/16/2020 COVID-19 Help Sheet
03/30/2020 COVID-19 Joint Guidance Small Dollar Lending Summary
03/25/2020 COVID-19 Loan Modification Summary
03/19/2020 COVID-19 Lobby Closing Notice (Sample 1)
03/19/2020 COVID-19 Lobby Closing Notice (Sample 2)
03/16/2020 COVID-19 Sample Customer Letter
03/27/2020 COVID-19 Sample Regulator Notice
03/20/2020 COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Request Form
10/20/2015 Cybersecurity Policy
10/20/2015 Incident Preparedness Monitoring Checklist
10/20/2015 Incident Response Plan
01/01/2015 Information Systems Security Policy
03/20/2020 Lobby Closing Notice
03/26/2020 Pandemic Checklist for Financial Institutions
03/05/2020 Pandemic Policy
05/04/2017 Security Risk Assessment
10/20/2015 The First 24 Hour Checklist for Incident Response