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    Flood Insurance Basics / Compliance Minute

    Date posted: 12/13/2016
    On this week's C/A Minute, C/A's Silvia Garcia Maggio runs through the basics of flood insurance and determining factors for minimum flood insurance requirements.

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    MLA Exceptions / Compliance Minute

    Date posted: 12/07/2016
    C/A's Silvia Garcia Maggio runs through what types of consumer loans are not covered under the Military Lending Act on this week's Compliance Minute.

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    Mortgage Servicing / Compliance Minute

    Date posted: 11/30/2016
    In the Compliance Minute for 11/30/2016, C/A's Silvia Garcia Maggio talks about the Final Mortgage Servicing Rule, how it affects small servicers and its effective dates.

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    Revised Loan Estimates / Compliance Minute

    Date posted: 11/21/2016
    In this week's Compliance Minute, C/A's Silvia Garcia Maggio talks about when a lender MUST give a revised Loan Estimate versus when a lender may give a revised LE.

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    Government Monitoring Information (GMI) / Compliance Minute

    Date posted: 11/15/2016
    C/A's Silvia Garcia Maggio explains Government Monitoring Information (GMI) collection requirements.

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    Compliance Minute / Changed Circumstances

    Date posted: 10/31/2016
    TRID disclosure requirements and the nuances about when you do -and- don’t have a changed circumstance.

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