January Back to Basics Webinar 2018

In the first Back to Basics Webinar, Elizabeth Madlem, Associate General Counsel, will cover How to Tackle Fraud: Check, ACH and Wire.  Like the title suggests, we will be providing a generalized overview pertaining of forgeries and forged indorsements, alterations and counterfeit checks as it relates to UCC, as well as ACH and wire fraud and how NACHA and Regulation E fit in. We will be discussing the types of fraud and the various UCC liabilities, defenses and warranties for check fraud.  There will also be an overview of ACH, NACHA, wire fraud and Regulation E legal frameworks to help our viewers develop a strong fundamental grasp on what is required in numerous common scenarios.  People who should attend: BSA Officer, New Accounts, Audit, Personal Bankers, Compliance Officer.

1.25 CRCM Credits

1.25 CAFP Credits

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