Last Minute Implementation Concerns – Beneficial Ownership Webinar

Last-Minute Implementation Concerns – Beneficial Ownership Rule Webinar

This month’s webinar, presented by Deputy General Counsel Silvia Garcia Maggio, will focus on the hotline’s most popular topic – the implementation of the beneficial ownership rule. While Beneficial ownership has been covered in previous webinars, we are going to cover the basics, take a deep dive into FinCEN’s last minute FAQs and touch on themes from the hundreds of C/A Hotline questions related to implementing this rule. In addition, we invite members to ask questions related to their first post 5/11 beneficial ownership accounts and any issues. Because this presentation was crafted entirely of C/A Hotline questions, and ran long, there wasn't an extended Q & A as part of the webinar.

1.25 CAFP Credits

1.25 CRCM Credits

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