What Do You Mean Claim Isn’t Covered Webinar


A fast-paced look at three important bank insurance policies. This presentation will give the attendee a working knowledge of the bank’s Financial Institution Bond, Directors and Officers Liability, and the Cyber Liability/Mitigation Insurance policies. These specific policies could have a great impact on the financial well being of any bank if the bank does not have this coverage in place.

Attendees will come away knowing which policy will respond to the various losses a bank may face. They will also learn how to look closely at their bond and know if the bank is covered or not when someone steals from the bank. We will discuss at length the issue of Corporate Account Take Overs and Fraudulent Wire Transfers in banking. We will also discuss robberies and what a bank may do to prevent them.

Additionally, there will be a discussion about the purpose of Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance and how the policies differ from company-to-company. Attendees will understand what a “Tail” is and when it is needed. We will also thoroughly walk through Cyber Liability – what it is and what it is not. Also why do bankers need to be so worried about it? And where the cyber losses are coming from in banking?

Throughout the webinar, real claims examples will be presented to help explain the coverages in a better perspective.

People who should attend: Bank Operations Personnel, CFOs, Auditors, Risk Managers, Internal Audit Groups.

1.25 CRCM Credits

1.25 CFSSP Credits

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