Banking Compliance Calculators

Up-to-Date Banking Calculators Developed By Experts

Banking compliance calculators are made available to assist members in determining the timing requirements for disclosures, or to calculate payments for escrow, ATR and QM loans. We have also provided calculators to ensure the bank has adequate flood insurance for those loans that require flood insurance, and that includes loans that are secured by a condo in a flood hazard area. We also have calculators available to assist in documenting your capital plan by calculating the change in capital based on change in Tier 1 capital, as well as a difference in the bank’s risk weighted assets. We also provide calculators that can be used to ensure you have an adequate sample size for your in-house audits or monitoring projects. Additionally, the matrices help determine what regulations apply to specific transactions, requirements for state specific foreclosure processes and even what fees must be used in the calculation of finance charges.

Last Updated Tool Name
05/24/2024 Regulation CC Hold Notice Calculator
03/08/2024 Regulation E Error Resolution and Liability Calculator
09/01/2023 Dividend Calculator Worksheet
06/01/2023 Right of Rescission Calculator and Calendar
10/25/2022 Reg O Lending Limit Calculator
09/24/2022 Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal Benefits Payments Calculator
08/30/2022 Flood Insurance Minimum Coverage Calculation & Documentation Calculator
06/16/2022 TRID Settlement Date Calculator
11/23/2020 FFIEC APR Tool (Link)
11/23/2020 FFIEC APY Tool (Link)
04/07/2020 Paycheck Protection Program Calculator
02/15/2020 Escrow Analysis Calculator – Hazard, Taxes, Flood and PMI
01/01/2018 FFIEC Rate Spread Calculator (Link)
06/07/2016 FDIC Assessment Calculator
01/02/2015 Flood Insurance Minimum Coverage Calculation & Documentation Calculator – (Emergency program)
01/02/2015 Ability to Repay (ATR) Total Monthly Debt Calculator
01/01/2015 Consumer Loan Pricing Model Worksheet
01/01/2015 HOEPA Weekly Rates (Link)
01/01/2015 Statistical Sampling Calculator (for Auditing Purposes)
01/01/2015 Qualified Mortgage (QM) Calculator for General and Small Creditors
01/01/2015 Prompt Corrective Action Calculator
01/01/2015 Individual Borrower ARM Stress Test
01/01/2015 FDIC Insurance Calculator (Link)