Business Continuity / Pandemic Planning

Pandemic Planning and Business Continuity toolkit for financial institutions encompasses a variety of bank resources and compliance tools needed for a clear and well-considered strategy for disasters and recovery. Many of these tools here have been created specifically for the recent COVID-19 crisis and are fully editable once they are downloaded.

Last Updated Tool Name
03/20/2020 COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Offer Letter
10/29/2020 Amendments to Capital Stress Testing Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Summary
09/14/2020 Business Continuity Plan Policy
01/01/2015 Business Impact Analysis
01/11/2021 C/A Summary of IFR Paycheck Protection Program as Amended by Economic Aid Act
01/20/2021 C/A Summary of SBA Procedural Notice: Excess Loan Amount Errors
01/29/2021 C/A Summary of SBA Procedural Notice: First Draw Loan Increases After Enactment of the Economic Aid Act
01/11/2021 C/A Summary of SBA Procedural Notice: Modifications to SBA Forms 3506, 3507 and 750 CA (PPP)
01/11/2021 C/A Summary of SBA Procedural Notice: Repeal of EIDL Advance Deduction Requirement for SBA Loan Forgiveness Remittances to PPP Lenders
01/20/2021 C/A Summary of SBA Procedural Notice: Resubmissions of Loan Forgiveness Applications, Lender Notice Responsibilities, and Offset of Remittances:
01/20/2021 C/A Summary on SBA FAQ: How to Calculate Maximum Loan Amounts for First Draw PPP Loans
CARES Act PPP Cheat Sheet
04/17/2020 COVID-19 Appraisal and Evaluation Deferrals Interim Final Rule Summary
04/03/2020 COVID-19 CARES Act IRA Sample Letter
03/30/2020 COVID-19 CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Summary
05/06/2020 COVID-19 CARES Act Stimulus Check FAQs
04/03/2020 COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist
04/13/2020 COVID-19 Credit Reporting Summary
11/24/2020 COVID-19 Customer Prescreening Questionnaire
11/24/2020 COVID-19 Employee Prescreening Questionnaire
08/07/2020 COVID-19 Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment
03/24/2020 COVID-19 Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker Credential Letter
04/09/2020 COVID-19 FinCEN Guidance Summary
04/09/2020 COVID-19 FinCEN Updated Guidance Summary
03/16/2020 COVID-19 Help Sheet

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