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Announcement for Chat Feature Users

June 27, 2019

C/A and their staff have been reminding Bank Admins and Bank Members to reach out to your IT groups and make plans to start using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari as support from our chat feature provider for IE11 will end as of June 30, 2019.

The reasons are two-fold; IE11 has been retired for many years at this point, and no service provider of any kind or size can continue to update security on a software for every device that could possibly still be using it, and further, having been retired for so long, this browser now looms as a great security risk to all those who use it. For more on that, read this cybersecurity article about IE11 from Fortune Magazine.

Many of our members have already made plans and for them nothing further is required. For those of you who need to jump on this, please pass through to your IT group the current HELPsheet found here: HELPsheet_Current_JUNE2019

For questions regarding issues or challenges you are facing with our chat feature, please submit a ticket by emailing: [email protected]