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Introducing a New Bureau Resource, Interactive Bureau Regulations

September 14, 2018 / Source: CFPB

Introducing a New Bureau Resource, Interactive Bureau Regulations

Good afternoon,

In an effort to update and streamline the eRegulations tool, the Bureau released a new version of its electronic regulations platform called Interactive Bureau Regulations (previously known as eRegulations). Interactive Bureau Regulations includes the most used features that were available through eRegulations, but now allows the Bureau to more quickly and efficiently amend the content of the regulations presented on the Bureau’s website. This means that the information provided will be more accurate and up-to-date than what was previously available through eRegulations. Interactive Bureau Regulations also includes a new feature that allows users to select multiple regulations when conducting a word or term search. Lastly, the improvements made reduce the cost of operating and maintaining this tool.
We hope that Interactive Bureau Regulations will be a helpful tool for the work that you do. Please feel free to email us with your feedback at[email protected].

You can access Interactive Bureau Regulations here.

Thank you,
Regulatory Implementation Team
Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection