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Problem Bank Supervision: New Comptroller’s Handbook Booklet and Rescissions

September 13, 2021 / Source: OCC

OCC Bulletin 2021-43| September 13, 2021

Problem Bank Supervision: New Comptroller’s Handbook Booklet and Rescissions


Chief Executive Officers of All National Banks, Federal Savings Associations, and Federal Branches and Agencies; Department and Division Heads; All Examining Personnel; and Other Interested Parties


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today issued a new “Problem Bank Supervision” booklet of the Comptroller's Handbook. This booklet is part of the Examination Process series of the Comptroller's Handbook.


The “Problem Bank Supervision” booklet

  • replaces “An Examiner's Guide to Problem Bank Identification, Rehabilitation, and Resolution,” dated January 2001.
  • incorporates OCC Bulletin 2018-33, “Prompt Corrective Action: Guidelines and Rescissions.”

Note for Community Banks

The “Problem Bank Supervision” booklet applies to the supervision of community banks.1


The new booklet

  • includes information regarding timely identification and rehabilitation of problem banks and advanced supervision, enforcement, and resolution when conditions warrant.
  • includes a comprehensive discussion of the OCC's authority under 12 CFR 6, “Prompt Corrective Action.”
  • complements other booklets of the Comptroller's Handbook and topical OCC and interagency issuances.

Further Information

Please contact Michael Brickman, Deputy Comptroller for Special Supervision, at (202) 649-6450.


Grovetta N. Gardineer
Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy

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1“Banks” refers collectively to national banks, federal savings associations, covered savings associations, and federal branches and agencies of foreign banking organizations.

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