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The FDIC updates the Application Procedures Manual (APM)-September 12, 2022.

September 12, 2022 / Source: FDIC

The APM provides direction for professional staff assigned to review and process applications, notices, and other requests submitted to the FDIC.  The APM is updated periodically for changes in laws, regulations, or processes and to release additional sections.

This release updates two sections of the APM:      

  • Section 1.9 – Protests/Comments
  • Section 1.10 – Processing Applications Using CRA and Compliance Information

The APM sections were updated to address the procedures and the associated timeframes when processing applications that are subject to adverse comment letters and protests.  Additionally, the sections were amended to emphasize the need for close collaboration with Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection staff when the FDIC receives a Community Reinvestment Act protest or adverse comment letter. 

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