Last Updated Tool Name
03/22/2024 Flood Force Place Letter Template
03/04/2024 Flood Loan Audit Worksheet
01/01/2024 Bank Regulation Thresholds Cheat Sheet
05/01/2023 Private Flood Insurance Policy Checklist
03/29/2023 Force-Placed Flood Insurance Tracking Worksheet
02/01/2023 Revised Interagency Examination Procedures for the Flood Disaster Protection Act
01/01/2023 FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (FEMA FORM FF-206-FY-21-116 (formerly 086-0-32))
12/13/2022 FHA Private Flood Insurance Policy Checklist
09/13/2022 Flood Disaster Protection Act Policy
08/30/2022 Flood Insurance Minimum Coverage Calculation & Documentation Calculator
08/30/2022 Interagency Flood Insurance Questions and Answers 2022 Summary
08/15/2022 Flood Training
08/10/2020 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2012 Summary
07/30/2020 Credit Application Denial and Withdrawal Cheat Sheet
02/15/2020 Escrow Analysis Calculator – Hazard, Taxes, Flood and PMI
03/04/2019 Private Flood Insurance Final Rule Summary
11/16/2016 Private Flood Insurance Proposed Rule Summary
01/29/2016 Appendix B: Option to Escrow Form
01/06/2016 Flood Insurance Webinar: The Basics and the Updates PowerPoint
12/30/2015 Flood Notice of Special Flood Hazard Designation Form
12/29/2015 Flood Insurance Summary
08/17/2015 Summary of 2015 Flood Final Rule
07/22/2015 Flood Insurance Notice – Detached Structures in a Flood Zone
03/05/2015 Flood Notice of Special Flood Hazard Designation Due to FEMA Map Revision
02/17/2015 NFIP April 2015 Flood Insurance Premium Changes Summary
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