Compliance Alliance – Section 1071 Resources for U.S. Banks

Section 1071 is the most talked-about federal regulatory topic in banking right now—Stop by and review the free community bank resources that Bankers Alliance has created for compliance teams and their boards of directors to stay informed and work through this together.

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Materials Provided Below:

    • Webinar: Deep Dive into the Section 1071 Final Rule
    • Podcast : Banking Matters Podcast Episode on Section 1071 Final Rule, featuring Victoria E. Stephen.
    • C/A Minute: 1071 Final Rule

C/A Webinar – Deep Dive into the Section 1071 Final Rule

Special Note: Because of the importance of this topic, Section 1071 Final Rule, Bankers Alliance is making this webinar available for anyone in the banking industry. If you enjoy this video and are not a member, but are interested in what our annual subscription programs might add to your compliance stance, please contact our Membership team at (833) 683-0701 or at [email protected]

Webinar Description: Congress directed the CFPB to adopt regulations governing the collection of small business lending data and Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act amended the ECOA to require financial institutions to comply, maintain, and submit certain data on application for credit for women-owned, minority-owned, and small businesses.

This webinar will examine, review and analyze the final rule expected in March 2023 and will include a walkthrough of definitions, covered transactions, data collection requirements and limitation and recordkeeping requirements.

People Who Should Attend:Compliance Officers and Personnel, Operations personnel, Accounting personnel, ECOA and Fair Lending officers and Auditors.

Presenter:  Victoria E. Stephen, JD, CRCM Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel


Banking Matters Podcast

Banking Matters Podcast Episode on Section 1071 – with Victoria E. Stephen, JD, CRCM  

(published: 04.21.2023)
Description: In this special episode of Banking Matters, our very own Victoria E. Stephen, JD, CRCM, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel talks with host, Daniel Baker, to discuss all things Section 1071. Join them as they deep dive into what 1071 is, the impact on community banks, and the resources available.

C/A Minute 

Section 1071 Final Rule C/A Minute – Featuring Victoria E. Stephen, JD, CRCM 

(published date: 04. 17. 2023)
In this Compliance Minute, Victoria E. Stephen provides a brief overview of the new Section 1071 Final Rule, focusing on whether your institution may be “covered financial institution” subject to the new rules.
—from the Compliance Alliance Minute Video Series with Victoria E. Stephen, JD, CRCM