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B2B NACHA Webinar Available This Morning!

August 6, 2019 / Source:

Back2Basics Webinar for August available this morning after 8 AM.
Find it by logging into C/A's website as a member.
Then go to —> News & Events —> Past Events —> Past Webinars

Because of travel schedules, this webinar will be pre-recorded and made available after 8:00 am Central on August 6, 2019.

NACHA Rules can be confusing because they aren’t a regulation, but they absolutely are required for the bank to utilize the ACH network. Therefore, learning the rules and where to find them is really important to our member banks. This presentation will cover important definitions, the differences between the Rules and Regulation E, Written Authorizations, Same-Day Requirements, Returns, Audit Requirements and Third-Party Senders. This presentation will also include FAQs from our member's ACH issues and concerns that are being dealt with on a daily basis.

People who should attend: Operating Staff, New Account Representatives, Compliance Officers, Internal Audit and any employee who assists with accounts that can make or receive ACH transfers and payments

Questions about ACH or NACHA Rules should be directed to our Hotline Advisors.


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