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Our family of services – explained in videos

Bank compliance services are not created equal. At Bankers Alliance, our bank compliance services are built on an entirely different model. We’re built our resources completely from the banker’s perspective and have become the induustry leader. How did we do this? It’s because we’ve been bankers, compliance experts, former regulators, and educators – we think like bankers and create our solutions for bankers.

Each of our companies and their programs are offered at a single, flat yearly rate. Here are some quick videos to help explain who our best customers are.

compliance alliance - unlimited bank compliance document reviews





Compliance Alliance – We Do Unlimited Document Reviews

This video runs through the kinds of document reviews C/A does.

compliance alliance - hotline answers bank compliance questions





Compliance Alliance – Hotline Advisors Answer Your Questions

This video discusses the various ways members can contact our Hotline advisors with questions.


Senior Vice President, Sergio Melendez from Freedom Bank for Review Alliance and the VCO experience.