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Consumer Compliance Examination Manual May 2020 Update

June 03, 2020 / Source: FDIC

Consumer Compliance Examination Manual

May 2020 Update

The CEM provides supervisory information to FDIC examination staff that conduct consumer compliance examinations, Community Reinvestment Act performance evaluations, and other supervisory activities.  It includes supervisory policies and examination procedures for evaluating financial institutions’ compliance with federal consumer protection laws and regulations.  The CEM is designed to promote consistency and efficiency in the examination process and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Financial institutions can use the CEM to obtain more information about the FDIC’s examination process.

May 2020 Updates

The FDIC updated the following sections of the CEM: 

  • SOURCE Violation Codes (II-14.1): The SOURCE Violation Codes were modernized and streamlined.
  • Bank of Anytown (III-2.1): The Bank of Anytown chapter was updated to conform to the new SOURCE Violation Codes and to remove the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Performance Evaluation (PE) example.
  • Community Reinvestment Act Templates (XII-1.1 – XII-8.1):  The CRA PE templates were updated to conform to updated writing procedures.