Online Bank Training

Compliance Alliance’s federal regulatory experts moderate these monthly online bank compliance training events—designed to guide you and your whole staff toward exam-readiness and proper procedures. Get your bank staff the current compliance training needed to stay abreast of federal rules and regulations.

Bank compliance training comes in five types
The Back2Basics webinars, the Monthly Training webinars, and every quarter, we do a Board of Directors webinar as well. In addition, we have another “webinar” in the form of Peer-to-Peer Huddles which are moderated conversation among banking compliance professionals across the U.S.

C/A Minutes are short refresher videos that seek to answer FAQs or guide members around complex rules, regs, and guidance. We also now have a weekly Banking Matters podcast that brings forward hot topics from various perspectives like bank CEOs, regulators, SBA officials, and honest-to-goodness community bankers. Lastly, we also have a feature called the R/A Tool Segment – here one of the Virtual Compliance Officers from Review Alliance will break down how to best use one of the C/A tools – adding in tips and tricks with a focus on implementing the tool and expanding your compliance culture.

Along with the monthly presentations, there is a library of archived webinars that members can access at any time. As regulations change, we make every effort to keep our webinars updated!

Never miss an event!
Each of our monthly webinars and huddles are recorded. We post the recording and supplemental materials to this page promptly after each event concludes.*

Play them in your browser
Viewing a past event no longer requires downloading the video! Select the event you’re interested in viewing and simply click the play button to get started.

C/A Compliance Webinars

Compliance Alliance B2B (Back2Basics) monthly webinars are held every first Tuesday of the month, while C/A’s monthly Training webinars are held every third Thursday monthly. Our webinars last for 1 hour, with 50 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of Q&A. Participants are encouraged to post any questions they have in the chat box to be answered at the end of the webinar.

C/A’s trainings are always available
After each webinar, the presentation slides, a desk manual, and the recording are posted on the Webinars page for member access from wherever you are, whenever you have time. Our webinars are available for CRCM continuing education credits, with some having additional credits as well.**
ˆThe exception being when regulators do our monthly webinars, as regulators do not allow recordings of their presentations.
**Credit is dependent upon American Bankers Association (ABA) approval and may differ depending on the topic being discussed.

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C/A’s Monthly Compliance Huddles

On the second Wednesday of each month, Compliance Alliance members gather by conference call to discuss current issues they are facing. Members provide suggested topics and C/A creates presentations to help guide the conversation. Our members are encouraged to use this time to network and get feedback in the areas that they need it. Compliance Alliance moderates the conversation and provides answers to questions as needed. After each huddle, the recording is posted on the Huddles page for viewing.

ªDate may differ on occasion based upon the calendar year.

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C/A Minutes

Our C/A Minutes are built from conversations with members who reach out to our Hotline for support. Whether they are asking about multi-layered topics like Private Flood Insurance or dealing with scenario-based issues that reach across many regulatory agencies—the Compliance Alliance Minutes are home to short sessions that offer whole-bank support; perfect for Board of Director meetings.

CA Minutes

B/A’s Banking Matters Podcast

Complimentary and weekly access to regulators, bank CEOs, state executives, and community bankers as they discuss current hot-topics in federal and consumer banking compliance. All you need to do is sign up—access is free and open to everyone. This is a great way to infuse your compliance program with knowledge and direction even if you can’t budget for compliance.

Banking Matters Podcast

R/A’s Tool Segment

If you’ve ever felt completely overwhelmed on how to monitor a difficult element of a regulation to ensure compliance — welcome to a new feature called R/A’s Tool Segments—hosted by a Virtual Compliance Officer with Review Alliance. In each Tool Segment, the moderator will navigate viewers through an advanced compliance monitoring tool available through Compliance Alliance.

Each segment walks the audience through use of the C/A proprietary tool, bringing in tips and reminders of how to ensure compliance for your institution, and dive into the right amount of detail to adopt new procedures and implement controls.

RA Tool Segment