B2B: Understanding Loan Applications and Credit Decisions

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CE Credits: 1.25 CRCM

This B2B webinar will review Loan Applications, their requirements, and general definitions. We will also discuss Credit Decisions under Regulation B and its timing requirements and impact on application process. We will discuss what the bank needs for a completed application, elements of adverse action, joint intent, collection of demographic information, and additional application elements. This Back2Basics webinar can act as a guide to individuals wanting a quick refresher or just getting started in the compliance profession.

People who should attend:
Lending Officers, Operations, Underwriters, Compliance Officers, and Compliance Personnel,

Presenter:  Prince Girn, JD,  Associate General Counsel

Prince Girn serves C/A as an Associate General Counsel. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Davis and received his Juris Doctor from San Joaquin College of Law. While in law school, Prince had the privilege of being enrolled in visiting law programs at the University of Oxford and Pepperdine University.
Girn received certificates of special recognition from the California Legislature Assembly and the United States Congress for his academic achievement, leadership ability, community involvement, and ties to Central Valley. Before joining the firm, Prince worked in several areas of law such as real estate, immigration, and criminal defense. He also practiced workers’ compensation law as a defense attorney where he represented major municipalities, hospital systems, and companies.
Prince’s main focus is as a member of the expert Hotline team at Compliance Alliance where his knowledge in areas of lending, real estate, and credit procedures makes him an asset for our member banks. He is also a writer for the Bankers Alliance monthly magazine and other state banker publications.