Developing a CMS and Risk Assessment Mitigation

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CE Credits:  1.25 CRCM


Does your Bank have a CMS in place? Is it meeting regulator expectations? This Webinar will guide you through a comprehensive overview of a bank’s Compliance Management System or CMS. We will review exam expectations and ratings systems from the various regulators, as well as best practices for creating or improving your Bank’s CMS so that it is as tailored and effective as possible for your institution. Some of the topics we will cover include:

• Who should be involved in your Bank’s compliance risk management?
• What should the Bank be considering in the development of its CMS?
• How are risk assessments and risk mitigation part of the Bank’s CMS?
• When should the Bank’s CMS be monitored and updated?
• Where should you go for resources to help build and/or strengthen your Bank’s CMS?
• Why is the CMS at the heart of the Bank’s compliance risk management program?

People Who Should Attend: 

One of the many important points we will review in this Webinar is that the Bank’s Compliance Management System involves the whole organization—not just the Compliance Officer. As such, please feel free to invite anyone within your Bank who may have any impact on the Bank’s CMS, which may include directors, senior management, lending and deposit staff, and internal audit, among others.

Presenter: Theo Kelly, JD