Back2Basics: AML/BSA/OFAC Overview (2020)

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Air Date: May 5th, 2020

Description: Financial institutions must develop, administer and maintain an effective BSA/AML program which will commensurate with its respective risk profile. This Back2Bascis webinar will dive into the Five Pillars of BSA that financial institutions must incorporate into their program to not only meet regulatory compliance requirements, but to achieve a program that coincides with the bank’s written policies, procedures and processes.  The webinar will also serve as an overview of other areas of BSA such as CIP, SARs, CTRs and OFAC requirements.

People who should attend: BSA/AML Officers/Staff, OFAC Officers/Staff, Compliance Officers/Staff and  staff who works directly with the compliance of BSA/AML/OFAC compliance. 

Presenter: Julia A. Gutierrez, Compliance Officer

Julia A. Gutierrez brings years of financial industry experience to the Compliance Alliance team. She began her career in banking in 2000 while receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Alabama. Julia has served as a Risk Management and BSA Officer, assisted in the development of an enterprise wide risk management and compliance program for a de novo institution, assisted in the compliance remediation efforts for an institution referred to the DOJ, and was a Senior Compliance Advisor for a large regulatory compliance consulting firm. In addition to her experience in the financial industry, Julia also serves as a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserves.

As a Compliance Officer with Compliance Alliance, Julia works in the Education Department where she is a presenter for compliance training, seminars, workshops and conferences nationwide. She also assists with policy and document reviews, research and development of new training material, and product development.