Fair Lending & Safety and Soundness Trends for 2021

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Description: This webinar will concentrate on the challenges of balancing Fair Lending with safe and sound lending practices.  This is an area of focus that is especially important amid the ongoing pandemic.  The hour will be filled with a fair lending refresher followed by a dive into the guidance issued by regulatory agencies as we focus on the current and emerging risks associated with fair lending and safety and soundness.  

People who should attend: Compliance Officer, Compliance Staff, Loan Officers, Lending Staff, Staff, Risk Management Officer, Risk Management Staff and any staff involved in the lending.

Presenter:  Julia Gutierrez, Compliance Officer

Julia A. Gutierrez brings over 16 years of financial industry experience to the Compliance Alliance team. She began her career in banking in 2000 while receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Alabama. Her compliance knowledge and understanding derive from her combined experience in community banks and consulting. Julia has served as a Risk Management and BSA Officer, assisted in the development of an enterprise wide risk management and compliance program for a de novo institution, assisted in the compliance remediation efforts for an institution who was referred to the DOJ, held positions in retail and branch management, and was a Senior Compliance Advisor for a large regulatory compliance consulting firm. 

Julia’s role as a Compliance Officer at C/A is working on and refining our document review process and pipeline. She also joins the Hotline from time-to-time where her experience is invaluable as a resource. She also plays a major role in our Education programs and has taught at a large number of seminars and workshops in her tenure at C/A.