Bank Deposit Compliance

Last Updated Tool Name
01/21/2022 Community Property Overview
12/14/2021 Reg CC Funds Availability Reference Guide
12/10/2021 ACH Direct Payments Authorization Form
12/10/2021 Regulation D Policy Template
12/03/2021 Advertising and Marketing Review Checklists
08/30/2021 Regulation CC Deposit Hold Notice
08/30/2021 Wire Transfer Request Form
07/07/2021 Final Rule Revising Definitions of Key Terms Under Regulation D that Govern Reserve Requirements Summary
06/25/2021 Summary of Proposed Rule: Collection of Checks and Other Items by Federal Reserve Banks and Funds Transfers Through Fedwire
03/29/2021 Regulation DD Truth in Savings Checklist
03/12/2021 ACH Policy
03/03/2021 Commercial/Business Debit Card Application Template
03/03/2021 Check Handling Altered Check Training
03/03/2021 Check Handling Basics Payee Signature Issues Training
03/03/2021 Check Handling Check Acceptability Training
01/14/2021 FDIC Final Rule on Modernizing Brokered Deposit Restrictions
01/05/2021 IRA Monitoring and Audit Worksheet
01/04/2021 Regulation CC Policy Template
12/16/2020 ATM Standards Training
11/23/2020 FFIEC APY Tool
10/27/2020 Retail Nondeposit Investment Products Audit Checklist
09/10/2020 Regulation E Remittance Transfer Rule Amendments 2020 Summary
08/28/2020 Regulation E Remittance Transfer Provider Exemption Worksheet
08/28/2020 Regulation E International Remittance Transfers Action Plan