Bank Deposit Compliance

Last Updated Tool Name
05/24/2024 Regulation CC Hold Notice Calculator
04/30/2024 ACH Policy
03/06/2024 E-Statement Checklist
02/16/2024 Deposit Regulations Change in Terms Procedures
02/15/2024 Benefit & Memorial Fund Accounts Cheat Sheets
02/12/2024 2024 CFPB Overdraft Fees Proposed Rule Summary
02/12/2024 Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing Proposed Rule Summary
02/08/2024 Regulation CC Policy Template
02/08/2024 Reg CC Funds Availability Reference Guide
02/06/2024 Regulation GG UIGEA Requirements Cheat Sheet
12/29/2023 Affidavit for Check Forgery
11/30/2023 Stop Payment Authorization Form
10/18/2023 Automated Overdraft Protection Audit Worksheet
10/03/2023 Advertising and Marketing Review Checklists
09/27/2023 Garnishment of Accounts Receiving Federal Benefit Payments Cheat Sheet
09/07/2023 Pledging Securities to Public Funds Policy
08/08/2023 Wire Transfer Drawdown Authorization Agreement
08/08/2023 BSA Wire Transfers Procedures
08/05/2023 Regulation D Policy Template
06/23/2023 Overall Compliance Risk Assessment
05/30/2023 Regulation CC Sample Transactions
05/01/2023 Regulation CC Audit Worksheet
05/01/2023 Regulation DD Truth in Savings Training
03/27/2023 Sample Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (ACH)
02/28/2023 Overdraft Payment Programs Quick Reference Guide