Regulation E

Last Updated Tool Name
01/01/2015 ACH Direct Deposit Authorization Form
12/10/2021 ACH Direct Payments Authorization Form
01/01/2015 ACH Statement of Unauthorized Debit Form
02/05/2019 Amendments to the Prepaid Accounts Rule Summary
05/27/2020 Annual Notice Requirements Cheat Sheet
10/07/2016 Deposit/Credit Discrepancy Template Letter
01/01/2015 Electronic Banking Risk Assessment
01/01/2015 Electronic Funds Transfer Audit Worksheet
01/01/2015 Electronic Funds Transfer Error Resolution Flowchart
04/17/2020 Error Resolution Provisional Credit Notice
01/01/2015 Final Remittance Rule (Amendment to Regulation E) Summary
03/31/2015 Gift Card Policy
01/01/2015 Instant Issuance Debit Cards Risk Assessment
07/23/2015 Instant Issue Debit Card Policy
01/01/2015 Internet Banking Policy
04/17/2020 Notice of Error Response Letter - Error Valid & Provisional Credit Permanent
06/26/2020 Notice of Error Response Letter - No Error Occurred & Provisional Credit Reversed
01/01/2015 Overdraft Joint Guidance 2005 Training
01/01/2015 Overdraft Payment Program 2011 Training
01/01/2015 Overdraft Program Risk Assessment Audit Worksheet
01/01/2015 Overdraft Protection Risk Assessment
08/06/2021 P2P Audit Checklist
03/05/2019 Periodic Statement for Deposit Account Checklist
09/14/2018 Prepaid Account Coverage Flowchart
01/01/2015 Prepaid Card Policy

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