B2B: ACH Overview

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CE Credits: 1.25 CRCM

This B2B will discuss the important definitions and requirements of Regulation E, Written Authorizations, NACHA rules, Audit requirements, and other ACH rules and expectations. We will also discuss some of the frequent FAQs from our hotline team.

Key Takeaways:
• NACHA Rules and guidelines
• Regulation E and ACH transactions
• Written Authorizations
• Audit requirements
• Third-party senders

People who should attend: Operations Leaders, Branch Staff, Loan Officers, Risk Managers, Compliance Department, Internal Audit, and Executive Officers / Managers

Presenter:  Daniel J. Baker, JD,  Associate General Counsel

Daniel Baker serves C/A as a Associate General Counsel. He attended Michigan State University College of Law. During law school, he worked in a variety of compliance and legal positions for software companies, and Allpine Title. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Utah Valley University. Dan is one of our go-to presenters for webinars, both B2B and Monthly Training Webinars, and is one of our featured authors for ACCESS magazine.

Most recently, he worked for a local law firm based in Temple, TX. Before law school, Daniel worked in various jobs within the financial sector, including a supervisor role at TCF Bank and as a Private Client Banker for JPMorgan Chase Bank. In addition to his professional career, He’s developed and conducted hundreds of seminars and educational classes based on financial independence, as well as a host of other topics.