B2B The Basics of Physical Security

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CE Credits:  CRCM 1.00

Description: In this Back2Basics webinar, Tim Dominguez, Associate General Counsel, will discuss the basics of security at the bank’s location. The presentation will discuss requirements set forth by the Bank Protection Act as well as best practices when it comes to the bank’s physical security. We will be going over the establishment of security programs as well as the various security devices that would typically be found at a bank’s main office or branch. This webinar will also address some of C/A’s top questions answers concerning security.

People who should attend: Tellers, Deposit Operations Staff, Branch Staff, Compliance Officers, Security Officers

Presenter: Tim Dominguez, Associate General Counsel

Tim Dominguez joins Compliance Alliance after graduating from the University of Houston Law Center. During law school, he worked as an intern within the legal department of Frost Bank in San Antonio, TX. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from The University of Texas at Austin. Before law school, Tim worked various jobs within the Texas state government, including the Texas Senate and the Texas Legislative Council. As one of our hotline advisors, Tim provides guidance to C/A members on a wide variety of regulatory and compliance issues, in addition to writing articles for some of our publications.