Bank Risk Management and Audit

Last Updated Tool Name
09/22/2023 Summary of Interagency Guidance on Third-Party Relationships: Risk Management
09/20/2023 Internal and External Audit Risk Assessment
09/19/2023 Climate-Related Financial Risk Assessment
09/14/2023 Proposed Rule on Quality Control Standards for AVMs Summary
09/14/2023 Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Checklist
09/01/2023 Regulatory Change Management Tracker
08/29/2023 UDAAP Risk Assessment
08/24/2023 New, Modified, or Expanded Product/Service Risk Assessment
08/22/2023 Model Governance Policy Template
08/17/2023 Loan Originator Compensation Audit Worksheet
08/11/2023 Proposed Interagency Guidance on Reconsiderations of Value of Residential Real Estate Valuations Summary
08/03/2023 General Vendor Management Risk Assessment
07/20/2023 Oil and Gas Lending Policy Template
07/01/2023 Application Cheatsheet
06/29/2023 Record Retention Policy
06/23/2023 Overall Compliance Risk Assessment
06/14/2023 BSA/AML/OFAC Overall Risk Assessment
05/22/2023 CECL Loan Modification Worksheet
05/04/2023 Summary of 2023 LIBOR Transition Interim Final Rule
05/01/2023 Regulation CC Audit Worksheet
04/24/2023 Small Business Lending Application Register (SBLAR) Data Points Chart
04/01/2023 Loan Modification Agreement Template (Adjustable Interest Rate)
03/30/2023 Consumer Complaint Tracking and Resolution Log Worksheet
03/20/2023 HMDA Fair Lending Analysis – Denial Disparity Ratio Worksheet
03/02/2023 Federal Banking Regulations Quick Reference Guide