Bank Risk Management Lending

Last Updated Tool Name
01/17/2023 Application Cheatsheet
11/02/2022 Reconsideration of Value Notice
10/25/2022 Reg O Lending Limit Calculator
10/13/2022 Matrix of State Foreclosure Protections
09/19/2022 FDCPA Third-Party Due Diligence Checklist
09/13/2022 Flood Disaster Protection Act Policy
08/18/2022 Fair Lending Committee Charter
07/26/2022 Interagency Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Proposed Rule Summary
12/02/2020 FDIC Proposed Rule Summary: Temporary Deposit Insurance Assessment Effects of Optional Regulatory Capital Transitions
11/06/2020 Commercial Lease Testing Matrix
11/06/2020 Commercial Lease Audit Workpaper
11/02/2020 High Volatility Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) Checklist
10/13/2020 PPP Procedural Notice Change in Ownership Summary
08/07/2020 COVID-19 Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment
07/17/2020 Explanation of Calculation of Surplus or Deficiency
07/10/2020 PPP Loan Forgiveness Manual
07/01/2020 Military Lending Act Interpretive Rule 2020 Summary
08/01/2018 Purchased and Brokered Loans Risk Assessment
08/01/2018 Purchased and Brokered Loans Risk Internal Control Checklist
06/30/2017 Fiduciary Rule Risk Assessment
10/04/2016 Military Lending Act (MLA) Implementation Risk Assessment
01/29/2016 FAST Act Summary
01/06/2016 Flood Insurance Webinar: The Basics and the Updates PowerPoint