Last Updated Tool Name
08/24/2022 Cash Withdrawal Letter of Indemnification
08/23/2022 FCRA Direct Dispute Results Letter Templates
08/18/2022 Fair Lending Committee Charter
08/17/2022 Audit Committee Independence Questionnaire
08/17/2022 Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal Benefit Payments Model Notice
08/17/2022 Regulation B Notice of Intent to Apply for Joint Credit Business Credit
08/04/2022 Bait Money Log
07/27/2022 2022 HMDA Flowchart
07/27/2022 Regulation B C-8 Right to Request Specific Reasons for Credit Denial (Business Credit)
07/27/2022 Regulation BC-7 Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons (Business Credit)
06/03/2022 ACH One-Time Direct Payments Authorization Form via Telephone
05/16/2022 Regulation O Annual Survey
05/16/2022 Funds Availability, Regulation J & UCC Article 4A Disclosure
03/08/2022 The Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (FEMA FORM FF-206-FY-21-116 (formerly 086-0-32))
01/21/2022 CRA Notice-For Main Offices (OCC) Mandatory Compliance 4/2022
01/21/2022 CRA Notice-For Main Offices (OCC) Permitted Until 4/2022
12/14/2021 Covered Borrower Identification Statement for Persons in Military Service
12/10/2021 ACH Direct Payments Authorization Form
12/10/2021 Combined Mortgage Servicing Transfer Notice
10/22/2021 Bank Lobby Signage
09/02/2021 Adverse Action Notice for Unverifiable CIP
08/30/2021 Regulation CC Deposit Hold Notice
08/30/2021 Wire Transfer Request Form
04/20/2021 FDIC Insurance Disclosure for Sweep Accounts
03/03/2021 Commercial/Business Debit Card Application Template