Last Updated Tool Name
10/27/2023 CRA Small Business / Small Farm Loan Worksheet
10/27/2023 CRA Community Development Flow Chart and Cheat Sheet
06/01/2023 ECOA Section 1071 Small Business Lending Rule Training
05/12/2023 Bank Regulation Thresholds Cheat Sheet
04/27/2023 Small Business Lending Rule: Key Dates for Collecting and Reporting Data Cheat Sheet
04/24/2023 Small Business Lending Application Register (SBLAR) Data Points Chart
04/18/2023 Small Business Lending Data Collection Worksheet
04/17/2023 ECOA Section 1071 Institutional Coverage Flowchart
03/22/2023 CRA Public File Template (zip file)
02/16/2023 CRA Public File Audit Worksheet
02/02/2023 CRA Community Development Loan Checklist
01/12/2023 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Training
01/09/2023 Requirements for Banks Over Certain Thresholds – Audit and CRA
01/09/2023 CRA Policy
01/09/2023 CRA Self Assessment
08/30/2022 CRA Reportable Data Fields
07/26/2022 Interagency Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Proposed Rule Summary
01/21/2022 CRA Notice-For Main Offices (OCC) Mandatory Compliance 4/2022
01/21/2022 CRA Notice-For Main Offices (OCC) Permitted Until 4/2022
01/19/2022 OCC Community Reinvestment Act Regulations Summary
11/23/2021 OCC Rescind-and-Replace Transition Considerations
10/22/2021 Bank Lobby Signage
01/21/2021 OCC CRA Modernization Rule Updates and Clarifications
12/16/2020 CRA Exam Preparation Cheat Sheet – Small
12/16/2020 CRA Exam Preparation Cheat Sheet – Intermediate Small
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