Fair Lending

Last Updated Tool Name
05/23/2017 Adverse Action Review Checklist for Deposit Accounts
01/01/2015 Fair Lending Adverse Action Review Checklist
11/05/2021 Fair Lending Analysis Worksheet
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Exam Process Training
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Policy
12/28/2020 Fair Lending Risk Assessment
01/01/2015 Fair Lending Second Review Checklist
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Training
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Webinar Powerpoint
01/01/2015 FDIC - Fair Lending Webinar PowerPoint
06/10/2020 HMDA Final Rule 2019
10/27/2015 Release of Borrower Obligation
12/23/2021 Section 1071 Small Business Lending Data Collection Proposed Rule Summary
02/22/2016 Small Creditor Rural Area Summary
04/16/2021 Statement Regarding the Provision of Financial Products and Services to Consumers with Limited English Proficiency