Bank Human Resources Compliance

Last Updated Tool Name
01/17/2023 Diversity Training Template
08/17/2022 Human Resources General Policy
08/15/2022 Affirmative Action Policy Statement Template
12/08/2021 Human Resources Job Posting Checklist
11/10/2021 Mandatory Vaccination Policy Sample
11/10/2021 Vaccination or Testing and Face Covering Policy Sample Policy
06/09/2021 EEOC Updates Technical Guidance to Address Questions Surrounding COVID-19 Vaccine
09/02/2020 Annual Acknowledgement and Certification of Compliance with Code of Conduct Policy
08/29/2020 SAFE Act Audit Workpapers
08/29/2020 SAFE Act for Mortgage Licensing Act Policy
08/29/2020 SAFE Act Summary
06/23/2020 Fair Labor Standards Act “Retail Concept” Summary
05/29/2020 BYOD Policy
03/24/2020 COVID-19 Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker Credential Letter
03/19/2020 COVID-19 Lobby Closing Notice (Sample 1)
03/19/2020 COVID-19 Lobby Closing Notice (Sample 2)
03/16/2020 COVID-19 Sample Customer Letter
03/16/2020 COVID-19 Help Sheet
01/21/2020 DOL Overtime 2019 Final Rule Summary
07/25/2019 Department of Labor NPRMs Summary
04/19/2019 Acceptable Internet Access Policy
03/10/2017 Diversity and Inclusion Policy
08/31/2016 Diversity Self-Assessment Template
08/17/2016 Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule
06/23/2016 Elder Abuse Policy
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