Bank Operations Tools

Bank Operations is typically a customer's first impression of your financial institution, from the opening of accounts through to the financial condition of your financial institution. In this area of our website, you will find reliable resources that will provide each functional area clear, practical tools for financial management and customer service.

Last Updated Tool Name
03/20/2020 COVID-19 Skip-A-Payment Offer Letter
06/23/2021 FinCEN Advisory on Convertible Virtual Currency Summary
04/06/2021 FinCEN Notice of Efforts Relating to Trade in Antiquities and Art Summary
11/14/2020 Stress Test Policy
01/01/2015 2013 Interagency Q & A Regarding Community Development Summary
10/09/2018 2018 Beneficial Ownership Permanent Exception Summary
10/29/2019 2020 Holiday Closing Signs
12/07/2020 2021 Holiday Closing Signs
07/26/2017 30 Day Account Closure Letter
03/20/2020 Acceptable Use for E-Sign Internet Banking Program Cheat Sheet
01/01/2015 Account Opening Thank You CDD Letter
04/21/2015 Account Takeover Audit Worksheet
01/01/2015 ACH Audit Worksheet
01/01/2015 ACH Direct Deposit Authorization Form
01/01/2015 ACH Direct Payments Authorization Form
01/01/2015 ACH Due Diligence Worksheet
01/01/2015 ACH Healthcare Rule Procedures
01/01/2015 ACH Originator or Third Party Sender Agreement Checklist
10/11/2016 ACH Originator Responsibilities Template Letter
03/12/2021 ACH Policy
01/01/2015 ACH Services Application
01/01/2015 ACH Statement of Unauthorized Debit Form
01/01/2015 ACH Third-Party Sender/Originator Agreement Checklist
08/10/2020 Acknowledgment Form to Remove Joint Owner

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