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10/04/2022 Regulation V Human Trafficking Final Rule Summary
08/30/2022 Adverse Action Audit Checklist
08/23/2022 FCRA Direct Dispute Results Letter Templates
06/01/2022 Application Cheatsheet
12/07/2021 Fair Credit Reporting Act Policy
09/14/2020 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FTC): Duties of Furnishers of Information to Consumer Reporting Agencies Rule
09/14/2020 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FTC) Prescreen Opt-Out Notice Rule
09/11/2020 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FTC): Duties of Users of Consumer Reports Regarding Address Discrepancies Rule
09/11/2020 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FTC): Duties of Creditors Regarding Risk-Based Pricing Rule
08/31/2020 Consumer Credit Report Alert Tracking Worksheet
07/30/2020 Credit Application Denial and Withdrawal Cheat Sheet
05/28/2020 FCRA Lobby Notice
04/06/2020 Notice of Negative Information
11/26/2019 FCRA Credit Dispute Procedures
01/28/2019 Regulation V Interim Final Rule Summary
01/03/2018 Red Flags Log
11/16/2017 Red Flags Identity Theft Prevention Program
05/23/2017 FCRA Notice of Action Taken and Reasons Form for Deposit Accounts
10/06/2015 FCRA Employment Denial Form
07/28/2015 FCRA Prescreen Opt-Out Disclosure Cheat Sheet
01/02/2015 FCRA H-2 Account Review Risk-Based Pricing Notice Form
01/02/2015 FCRA H-3 Credit Score Disclosure Exception 1-4 Family Form
01/02/2015 Risk-Based Pricing Summary
01/02/2015 FCRA H-5 Credit Score Disclosure Exception Credit Score Not Available Form
01/02/2015 Customer Notification for Suspected Identity Theft
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