Regulation B

Last Updated Tool Name
01/16/2024 Regulation B Policy (ECOA)
01/01/2024 Regulation B Equal Credit Opportunity Act Training
11/13/2023 CFPB & DOJ Joint Statement on Fair Lending for Noncitizen Borrowers Summary
08/11/2023 Proposed Interagency Guidance on Reconsiderations of Value of Residential Real Estate Valuations Summary
07/01/2023 Application Cheatsheet
06/01/2023 ECOA Section 1071 Small Business Lending Rule Training
04/27/2023 Small Business Lending Rule: Key Dates for Collecting and Reporting Data Cheat Sheet
04/24/2023 Small Business Lending Application Register (SBLAR) Data Points Chart
04/18/2023 Small Business Lending Data Collection Worksheet
04/17/2023 ECOA Section 1071 Institutional Coverage Flowchart
04/17/2023 Sample Form for Collecting Certain Applicant-Provided Data Under Subpart B
02/08/2023 Regulation B GMI Data Collection Matrix
01/10/2023 Guide to Reasons for Adverse Action
11/02/2022 Regulation B GMI Flowchart
08/30/2022 Adverse Action Audit Checklist
08/17/2022 Regulation B Notice of Intent to Apply for Joint Credit – Business Credit
08/09/2022 Appraisal Delivery Flowchart
07/07/2022 Regulation B Application Decision Process Flowchart
12/28/2021 Regulation B Audit Worksheet
12/23/2021 Section 1071 Small Business Lending Data Collection Proposed Rule Summary
07/30/2020 Credit Application Denial and Withdrawal Cheat Sheet
04/17/2017 Proposed Amendments to Regulation B Information Collection Summary
05/11/2015 Mortgage Origination Audit Worksheet
01/02/2015 Risk-Based Pricing Adverse Action Notification Summary
01/01/2015 Regulation B C-9 Model Disclosure of Right to Receive a Copy of Appraisals
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