Commercial Lending Compliance

In the area of commercial lending, Compliance Alliance provides a suite of trustworthy resources to assist in managing your commercial lending program. In addition, our comprehensive toolkit contains all of the key tools necessary for day-to-day management of the financial institutions commercial loan portfolio, which are those loans for business purposes. Our tools include policies, procedures, checklists, risk assessments, worksheets, training tools and much more. We will keep you up-to-date and ahead of any upcoming changes.

Last Updated Tool Name
01/26/2023 HMDA Institutional Coverage Flowchart
01/26/2023 Regulation B Policy (ECOA)
01/10/2023 Guide to Reasons for Adverse Action
01/10/2023 Fair Lending Training
11/30/2022 Characteristics of a Loan Request Matrix
10/27/2022 HMDA LAR Key Data Fields Audit Worksheet
10/26/2022 Regulation B Equal Credit Opportunity Act Training
10/11/2022 Fair Lending Risk Assessment
10/01/2022 Request for Information Regarding the HMDA Rule Assessment Summary
09/27/2022 Fair Lending Policy
09/27/2022 LIBOR Transition Summary
09/22/2022 HMDA Data Tracking Worksheet
09/06/2022 Flood Insurance Minimum Coverage Calculation & Documentation Calculator
09/01/2022 Hemp Related Businesses Lending Policy
08/31/2022 Loan File Audit Checklist
08/30/2022 Adverse Action Audit Checklist
08/23/2022 Appraisal Flowchart
08/17/2022 Regulation B Notice of Intent to Apply for Joint Credit Business Credit
08/15/2022 Appraisal Policy
08/15/2022 Flood Training
08/09/2022 Appraisal Delivery Flowchart
07/27/2022 Regulation B C-8 Right to Request Specific Reasons for Credit Denial (Business Credit)
07/27/2022 Regulation BC-7 Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons (Business Credit)
07/27/2022 Regulation B Application Decision Process Flowchart
12/29/2021 Lending to Servicemembers Guidelines Summary