Lending Compliance

Bank Compliance Resources for Lending Regulations

Lending and Lending Operations make up a significant portion of your financial institution’s portfolio of business. Here you will find tools and resources to guide you through lending compliance regulations and their requirements, as well as safety and soundness best practices. Lending compliance resources and tools, when combined with expert guidance from C/A’s staff, provide a strong foundation for departmental awareness and practices. Downloading and implementing these unlimited access resources will aid banks of any size in keeping ahead of lending regulation changes.

Last Updated Tool Name
05/16/2022 Regulation C Policy
03/08/2022 The Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (FEMA FORM FF-206-FY-21-116 (formerly 086-0-32))
02/14/2022 Consumer Real Estate Lending Policy
01/21/2022 CRA Notice-For Main Offices (OCC) Mandatory Compliance 4/2022
01/21/2022 Community Property Overview
12/29/2021 Lending to Servicemembers Guidelines Summary
12/29/2021 Regulation C HMDA Procedures
12/29/2021 2022 HMDA Flowchart
12/29/2021 Truth in Lending Audit Worksheet
12/29/2021 HPML HPCT Higher Cost Mortgage Comparison
12/29/2021 HPML, HOEPA, and Reverse Mortgage Audit Worksheet
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Exam Process Training
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Policy
12/28/2021 Regulation B Audit Worksheet
12/28/2021 Fair Lending Training
12/28/2021 Regulation B Equal Credit Opportunity Act GMI Flowchart
12/28/2021 Regulation B Equal Credit Opportunity Act Training
12/28/2021 Regulation B Policy
12/23/2021 Section 1071 Small Business Lending Data Collection Proposed Rule Summary
12/21/2021 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Notice Template
12/20/2021 Right of Rescission Calculator and Calendar
12/14/2021 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Audit Worksheet
12/14/2021 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Training
12/14/2021 SCRA MLA Comparison Chart
12/14/2021 Lending to Service Members Policy