Electronic Banking Compliance

Last Updated Tool Name
02/14/2024 ACH Policy
01/01/2024 Bank Regulation Thresholds Cheat Sheet
10/25/2023 Digital Wallet Policy Template
07/13/2023 FedNow Instant Payments Self-Assessment
06/22/2023 Website Compliance Review Checklist
03/27/2023 Sample Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (ACH)
01/30/2023 Regulation E Policy
01/30/2023 Regulation E Liability Training
01/12/2023 Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) Training
01/12/2023 2022 Reg II Debit Card Network Final Rule Summary
01/01/2023 Online and Not In-Person Checklist for Compliance Concerns
10/03/2022 FedNow Amendments to Regulation J Final Rule Summary
09/28/2022 Remote Deposit Capture Annual Due Diligence Review Checklist
08/08/2022 Peer to Peer Program Risk Assessment
06/03/2022 ACH One-Time Direct Payments Authorization Form via Telephone
05/16/2022 Funds Availability, Regulation J & UCC Article 4A Disclosure
12/10/2021 ACH Direct Payments Authorization Form
08/06/2021 P2P Audit Checklist
04/16/2021 New Time Limits for the ACH Warranty Claims Effective June 30, 2021 Summary
09/28/2020 Sample Written Statement of Credit Refused by Receiver (ACH)
09/18/2020 Key Regulatory Resources Cheat Sheet
09/10/2020 Regulation E Remittance Transfer Rule Amendments 2020 Summary
06/24/2020 Wire Transfer Request Agreement
05/28/2020 ACH Annual Data Security Audit Worksheet
05/28/2020 Website Accessibility Checklist 2.1
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