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Comment Period: Information Collection for Designation of Exempt Person Report

FinCEN seeks comment on the renewal, without change, of a currently approved information collection found in existing Bank Secrecy Act regulations. Specifically, the regulations permit banks to file a FinCEN Report 110, Designation of Exempt Person (DOEP Report), to designate eligible customers as exempt persons, such that a bank is not required to file a report with respect to any transaction in currency over $10,000 with such customers. Under the regulations, a bank, to exempt a person, must also take steps to ensure that a person meets the requirements for an exemption, document the basis for the bank’s initial conclusion that a person is exempt, annually review the eligibility of certain exempt persons, document compliance with the DOEP Report requirements, and maintain a monitoring system that is reasonably designed to detect, for each account of a non-listed business or payroll customer, transactions in currency requiring a bank to file a suspicious transaction report. Although no changes are proposed to the information collection itself, the request for comments covers a future expansion of the scope of the annual hourly burden and cost estimate associated with the regulations. Read more here.

  • March 26, 2021
  • Time: All Day