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Comment Period: Trade Regulation Rule on Unfair or Deceptive Fees


Federal Trade Commission.


Notice of proposed rulemaking; request for public comment.


The Federal Trade Commission commences a rulemaking to promulgate a trade regulation rule entitled ā€œRule on Unfair or Deceptive Fees,ā€ which would prohibit unfair or deceptive practices relating to fees for goods or services, specifically, misrepresenting the total costs of goods and services by omitting mandatory fees from advertised prices and misrepresenting the nature and purpose of fees. The Commission finds these unfair or deceptive practices relating to fees to be prevalent based on prior enforcement, the comments it received in response to an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, and other information discussed in this proposal. The Commission now solicits written comment, data, and arguments concerning the utility and scope of the trade regulation rule proposed in this notice of proposed rulemaking to prevent the identified unfair or deceptive practices.


Comments must be received on or before January 8, 2024. Comment period extended to February 7, 2024.

  • February 7, 2024
  • Time: All Day